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Exciting News!

Gameheads is proud to announce that Humble’s Black Game Developer Fund and 2K Foundations have provided startup funding to two teams of up-and-coming Black developers in our program.

Humble and 2K will each provide $40,000 for a total of $80,000 to be split between two game development teams to produce their video game projects. These titles are the first produced through Gameheads Studios, an effort by Gameheads to provide paid opportunities for students to both work on their craft as budding game developers and work on an independently produced commercial title:

High Sidin’: Hyphy Edition expands the world of the original HighSidin’, based on Oakland Sideshow culture, in a competitive PvP dance battle inspired by ghost ridin’.

The Groundz is a competitive dodge ball game set in California where players battle each other at local spots like Parks and Rec’s, Youth Development Centers and other neighborhood locales all across the state.

“Funding for the education, and development, of Black young people is critical, but it’s not enough for them to get high paying tech jobs. They need mentorship, industry exposure and opportunities for employment,” said Damon Packwood, co-founder and executive director of Gameheads. “We are so grateful to industry leaders Humble and 2K for recognizing the enormous potential of our students as well as the need for less conventional support for their professional development. We can’t wait to celebrate the completion of High Sidin’ and The Groundz together.”

Launched in 2018, 2K Foundations aims to support underserved communities and people across the nation through community center renovations, mentorship access, sports programming and STEAM education. As part of its partnership with Gameheads, 2K will provide students on the teams with mentors from 2K’s leading game development studios throughout the year-long development cycle. Gameheads will also work with 2K to recruit students for internships at 2K’s development studios across the Bay Area to provide them with the real work, tech and game development experience they need to succeed in the tech and video game industries.

Humble’s mission is to be a force for good in the world through gaming. Earlier this year Humble launched the $1 million Black Game Developer Fund in order to help promote diverse voices in gaming, and help Black developers of all shapes and sizes realize their creative vision. The fund provides developers with everything from startup funds to create a playable build to full global publishing deals. In addition to startup funding support from Humble, High Sidin’: Hyphy Edition and The Groundz will both be released as Humble Originals as part of the Humble Choice subscription.

The strength, support, and energy of our community is what makes our work possible. Will you contribute today to help our students continue to develop their talent and their voices, and to re-imagine the tech and video game industries?

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