Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process like?

Once you fill out an application someone will email you for one hour interview. Your application and interview will be used to determine if you will be accepted into the program.

Is Gameheads offered anywhere other than Oakland, CA?

No, but sign up for our newsletter for future announcements.

Is Gameheads a summer program?

No. Gameheads is a year long program and we accelerate to 24 hours per week during the summer.

Is Gameheads for high school students or college students?


Do you work with middle school aged youth?

Our middle school program is on hiatus. For future announcements please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media.

Can middle school students apply to Gameheads?

No, but stay tuned for future announcement.

When can I apply for the program?

We accept applications between December and April each year.

When can MENTORS get involved?

Though there are some exceptions, we accept applications for mentors in the spring.

What is the difference between Gameheads: Classic and Gameheads: DevOps?

The Classic program is a game design and development training program for students aged 15-25. The Devops program is a technical IT training program for students 18-25

Do I have to be a gamer to be in Gameheads?

We don't call our students gamers and we love students who don't play a lot of video games. Having said that, we teach students how to make video games, not how to play video games.

What if I don't have access to the right hardware and software?

Gameheads can provide computers, graphic tablets and applicable software for some of our students for free.

Do I have to pay for this program?


What is the schedule at Gameheads?

Gameheads: DevOps meets each Saturday from 9am-12pm. Gameheads: Classic meets each Saturday from 12pm-6pm. The schedule accelerates to four days per week during the summer.

Is Gameheads a drop in program?

No. Attendance to Gameheads is required as is the summer program.

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