Mentorship Program

Are you a video game or computer animation industry professional who would like to help aspiring video game developers successfully complete their interactive project? Gameheads has mentorship opportunities available!

Gameheads is a youth program at whose goal is to prepare youth (ages 15-24) for a career in the video game industry. The intention of the Gameheads program is to address the knowledge divide but to do so in a way that is focused on one arm of the tech field: electronic entertainment. Participants of Gameheads will learn how to create, code and design games, building skills across a variety of disciplines from visual art, creative writing, design, programming, sound design, animation, game theory and history.

Our students are preparing for careers in video game development or tech. In the spring, they separate into development teams and assume roles (Level Designer, Programmer, Sound Designer, Art Designer, etc) as they begin work on interactive projects. We are asking mentors to pair up with youth and help troubleshoot or provide advice to students on their journey to complete their projects.


• Mentors will check in with their student virtually or in-person once a week to check in on their progress.

• Mentors will create “office hours” where students can ask for feedback on their projects virtually or in person.

• Mentors will be available to help students during the summer and/or fall semester.

• Mentors are encouraged to attend the Gameheads Video Game Showcase.


• Mentors will be assigned in the spring. Students shift into Full Production on their interactive projects in late spring/early summer. In August, they will present demos at the Gameheads Summer Showcase and complete production throughout fall semester.

How to Apply:


• Schedule a 30-minute phone interview to discuss interests, qualifications and give potential mentors the ability to discuss logistics and ask questions.

• If accepted, attend an orientation to meet your fellow mentors and see our workspace.

Support for Mentors:

• Gameheads will give mentors all of the support they need so they can dedicate their time strictly to helping students work on their interactive projects.

• Gameheads will provide youth development training and logistical support before full production begins.

• Gameheads will connect mentors together in person and virtually for support and community.

It’s pretty clear the industry needs these kids. I didn’t expect the outcomes we have: our students are getting into the top colleges in the United States. There are colleges coming to us asking for kids.

– Lisette Titre-Montgomery, Double Fine

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