Gameheads Accreditation Program

Gameheads is partnering with our corporate partners and California State University, East Bay to provide free accredited
classes in AR and VR development, Prototyping, Advanced Video Game Programming and Professional Development. These classes will be offered for free to low income, students of color enrolled in high school, junior college and university.

Gameheads Applications are currently closed.

Program Pipeline

Gameheads Accreditation Program

I didn’t think four years later I would be kind of where I am. I’m in college! And, there’s opportunity popping up left and right for me and my friends around me. It’s kind of an amazing feeling actually.

— Rebecca Taylor, Gameheads Student

Professional Development

Industry Exposure
We take trips to some of California’s biggest tech companies and events, including LucasArts, Pixar, E3, the Java Conference and the Game Developers Conference. Also, we have hosted numerous industry professionals from Glue, Ubisoft, Teklet, Inc. and Kixeye to teach tech clinics, play test our student’s games and provide them with feedback.


Education Counseling
A premiere goal at our organization is to ensure that all of our students graduate from high school and attend post-secondary education, preferably four-year universities to further their skills in STEAM education. Therefore, Gameheads offers individual academic, college and career counseling

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