Damon Packwood
Damon Packwood Co-Founder, Executive Director
Bilen Mesfin Packwood
Bilen Mesfin PackwoodStrategic Communications Consultant
Tanya Alvarado
Tanya AlvaradoAdministrative Assistant


UPbeat Oakland Games
UPbeat Oakland GamesProject - LUCiD
LUCiD is the story of a temperamental boy named Maliki and a hopeless perfectionist named Samaya whose worlds collide after losing a mutual friend. They wake up in a dream and together must traverse through a strange world while exploring their feelings of fear, anger, sadness, and strife. Along the way, they discover they have more in common than just their late friend, but together, they must overcome and accept their friend’s death, while making a new one along the way. LUCiD was one of 20 projects chosen for the ESA LOF Innovation Fellowship (2014).
Team Halls High
Team Halls HighProject - Halls High
Selected as a 2016 ESA LOFT Innovation Fellowship winner, Halls High is about a boy named Jeremiah who is failing his classes and is far too lazy to care. One day he meets a mysterious tutor who introduces him to a magical “solution” that begins a wild adventure. Inspired by Persona and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Halls High is a coming of age story about a black teenager who must learn the importance of dealing with both fear and success.
Team Phantom
Team PhantomProject - Dual Meanings
Dual Meanings follows the story of two art students, Seth and Rose, who have been tasked with an assignment to create a work of beauty. Seth uses the opportunity to paint a picture of Rose, but she has differing opinions on what defines beauty worth putting into a painting. With their convictions at odds, tension creates obstacles that Seth must travel through in order to reach a conclusion, with each level representing an aspect of their differences.
Team Tastic
Team TasticProject - Amnesiacs
Amnesiacs is a co-op horror/mystery game. You play as one of four strangers who wakes up in a mysterious town without any knowledge of how you got there. Together you must find away out while you deal with debilitating health issues. Amnesiacs was selected for the 2016 ESA LOFT Innovation Fellowship.
Team Evil Goatee
Team Evil GoateeProject - Desolation
Desolation is a 3D puzzle adventure game about the dangerous journey of crossing the Mexican American border. You play an 18 year old young adult named Miguel who is trying to cross a magical realistic Sonoran desert through the Devil’s Highway alongside a group of 15 other travelers led by their coyote and his two partners. Desolation was also selected for the 2016 ESA LOFT Innovation Fellowship.
Team DevOps
Team DevOpsN/A
The DevOps program focuses on career readiness in the IT space. Graduates of the program earn up-to-date tech and entrepreneurial skills. Gameheads has teamed up with TekPerfect to provide the DevOps Team with consulting engagements and additional career support.


Lisette Titre-MontgomeryArt Manager, Ubisoft
Marcus MontgomeryFounder and CEO, We Are Game Devs
JD Yaske Game Engineer, PLAYSTUDIOS
Alfonso HookerCo-Founder, CEO, TekPerfect
Raymond GrahamSoftware Engineer, Unity Technologies