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Our youngest Gameheads dazzled the hearts and minds of After School All Stars (ASAS) Bay Area Launch Event guests on February 2nd at the Museum of Children’s Art. Four of our students from the Gameheads Claremont Middle School Program demoed their games for parents, peers, staff, and funders.


Seetia Akpawu, an 8th grader, shared his Wack a Monster Project in which the player must hit as many monsters that pop up on the screen as possible to get the highest score. Brisa Trollinger, a 7th grader, showcased a similar Wack a Monster game, but spiced up her demo by making it a co-op game using a Makey Makey circuit board as a controller. Ingrid, a 7th grader, presented her Rolling game in which players had to drop beach balls down a ramp in between hurdles to score. Owen, a 6th grader, shared his World of Games arcade featuring an elven creature whose mission was to collect green orbs.


This Launch Event was the culmination of 10 weeks of hard work learning the fundamentals of game design using Scratch and GameSalad. We are excited to see our students transform their thinking from gamer to game developer. They are brilliant innovators that will be continuing their studies in our very first Advanced Game Dev course this spring at ASAS. Stay tuned for more great projects to come!