Gameheads, a tech justice program with a game development, design and DevOps focus, is recruiting for the new year!


We will be launching our next training program in January 2018, and we are looking for young people ages 15-24 to join our current cohort of aspiring video game developers, artists, beat makers, poets and storytellers, code enthusiasts and system heads.


The Gameheads: Classic program prepares youth (ages 15-25) for careers in the tech and electronic entertainment industries. Through our Game Dev program, participants will learn how to create, code and design games, building skills across a variety of disciplines from visual art, creative writing, design, programming, program management, idea creation, sound design, animation, game theory and more.


No experience is necessary to apply to Gameheads but an interest in design, programming, play and a curiosity for what makes video games and computers work is encouraged and sought after. We are especially interested in self-starters, creatives, and people who can take initiative and demonstrate maturity and responsibility.


If you are interested in applying to our program you can fill out an APPLICATION FORM HERE.


After an amazing 2017 year, we are excited to see how we can top ourselves 2018. We have a great plan and we can’t wait to work with a new cohort of young, amazing talent and to see what they can bring to the East Bay community.


For more information about our program, feel free to contact me ( and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.



Damon Packwood

Co-Founder and Executive Director