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From left to right: Rasa Ostad, Emanuel Cook, Justin Diaz, Ptah Asabi, Norman Weeks and David Armstrong

Gameheads is proud to announce our new DevOps Program for young adults ages 18 – 24. Spearheaded by advisory board member, Alfonso Hooker, the Co-Founder and CEO of TekPerfect, the goal of the program is to provide students with DevOps training, which will eventually lead to paid contract work through TekPerfect, an Oakland based IT consulting firm.

The DevOps program offers training in the following areas:

  • Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows system administration and support.
  • Database administration.
  • Cloud Computing & Google Compute Engine administration and support.
  • Network Fundamentals.
  • Basic Programming and Scripting.
  • Cybersecurity (DoS, password cracking, exploits, auditing and IDS systems)
  • SaSS Applications

Information Technology is one of the highest growth industries in the nation. Locally, the demand is high, with a Systems Administrator commanding a medium salary of $95,670 in the East bay metro area. As local tech giants post low diversity figures and communities of color continue to fall behind in economic prosperity, it is clear that investment in tech training for youth of color is necessary and DevOps is a critical entry point.

“Our DevOps program is fundamentally focused on outcomes in the form of paid consulting engagements and career opportunities,” according to Alfonso Hooker. “This is fundamentally different than any other program because that is how we measure success.”

As a tech equity program, Gameheads is heavily invested in providing access and training using the latest hardware and software. Like any organization or company, we rely on development and operations, and this program allows us to have an in-house IT department ran by youth. For more information about the DevOps training program please contact or