Gameheads goes to E3 2017!

We want our students to be active participants in the video game and tech industries.

In 2016, four of our student development teams won the ESA LOFT Innovation Fellowship for video games Halls High, Dual Meanings, Amnesiacs Episode 1 and Desolation. In addition to receiving $1000 in seed capitol to build out there game, each team won tickets to attend the Electronic Expo 2017 (E3) in Los Angeles. So, once again we took filmmaker Luis Montoya (Simphony Productions) and filmed the entire trip. Six of our students were able to interview game developers, play test several upcoming video games and experience the biggest gaming event of the year.

This is our second trip to E3. You can check out the second video HERE.

Industry Professional Conferences

If you want a career in the tech or video game industry you have to be a participant not a spectator. Professional tech and gaming conferences are great ways to expose our students to the video game and tech industries. In 2017, our students were invited to present their games at Day of the Devs and had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the worlds most creative indie developers.

Like Day of the Devs, our students have also attended the Electronic Expo (E3), Oculus Connect, the PlayStation Experience, the VR Developers Conference (VRDC), the Game Developers Conference (GDC), DICE and more.

Tech Youth Eco-System

Located in Oakland, CA, Gameheads is a part of an exciting eco-system of tech / youth programs. Together our programs are at the epicenter of the tech diversity movement and it’s always fun when we have the chance to do it together.

Recently, our DevOps students hung out with TechHire Oakland and students from Hidden Genius Project, Oakland Digital, and the David E. Glover Center to participate in a design thinking “mash-up” with IDEO CoLab. You can read more about the event HERE.

Summer Fellowship at RADD3

The RADD3 Summer Fellowship was a summer youth program administered by RADD3 in partnership with Gameheads and East Bay College Fund to expose and introduce youth to game development and the game industry.

Select youth participating in the Fellowship are taught how to design and develop games and learn skills across a variety of game development disciplines such as art, design, animation and coding. More importantly, students design amateur video games at a local video game company with industry professionals.

Gameheads Student Showcase

To celebrate the genius of our young game devs and champion tech inclusion we organize our annual Student Showcase at the end of every summer. Hosted at Impact Hub Oakland the Showcase features
the latest demos of new interactive projects and it’s an opportunity for friends, families and the video game community to try out the games. We also feature talks from industry leaders, cosplay competitions, good food from local vendors and a live DJ.

The Student Showcase is our biggest event of the year and it’s free and open to the public. Last year, we had over 200 participants and several game developers from the Bay Areas leading game companies.

Future of Tech Showcase

Each year, we participate in The Future of Tech Showcase, a community event which features demos from several tech youth programs. Future of Tech was originally a collaborative event between RADD3, Gameheads and our partners at East Bay College Fund who have since taken over the event. Last year, there were several program participants including Qeyno Labs, Youth Radio, Oakland Technology Exchange West and others. 

Summer Accelerator Program

During the summer, we transition to our Summer Accelerator Program. At this time, students must form development teams, design an idea for a video game and spend the summer creating a playable demo for the August Student Showcase. Each student must also assume a role on the team (programmer, animator, narrative designer, et al) after which they will be paired with a professional game developer from the Bay Areas leading game companies.

The student and mentor relationship is a critical part of the Gameheads program. We’ve had several amazingly talented mentors from EA, Sucker Punch and Double Fine to indie developers from Funomena and RainBros.

Industry Professional Experience

One of the biggest barriers to program involvement for our students are money for transportation, food and personal expenses. We try to offset this by providing paid contract work using the skills they develop through our program (web design, mobile app design, and IT contracts). In addition, our youth receive job experience working on tech related projects. Please, contact us below if you have any inquiries.