Gameheads is a Cool School

Gameheads is honored to be featured as a Cool School for KBIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area news. Host, Kenny Choi, joined us at United Roots in Oakland to learn more about the program, our brilliant students and their projects. Brandon Charles (age 16) shared his passion for the game that him and his team developed entitled Halls High that focuses on a coming of age story through Black history. Sasha Williams (age 15) explains the importance of increasing the number of girls in technology and Chun Tat Chan (age 18) describes how Gameheads has opened up new doors for him through videogame development. We are excited to be providing opportunities for youth of color to develop and pitch projects they are passionate about. To view more awesome videos about our talented young men and women subscribe to our youtube page at Gameheads Radio.

Industry Professional Conferences

In March, Blacks In Gaming (B.I.G.) sponsored Gameheads to attend the Game Developers Conference (GDC), and the program were also guests at their networking event, sponsored by Microsoft Game Studios.

Professional conferences are great ways to expose our students to the video game and tech industries. Like GDC, our students have also attended the Java Conference, Tech 808 and the PlayStation Experience.

Tech 808 Conference

Gameheads attended Tech 808, the only Hip Hop inspired Tech Entrepreneurship Conference. Our students listened to a Hip Hop influenced and diverse range of industry leaders, and startup founders who were there to educate the community on Entrepreneurship. Gameheads and United Roots assisted with the production of their Oakland conference. We are pleased to have Tech 808 and the Phat Startup team as members of the Gameheads community.

Summer Fellowship at RADD3

The RADD3 Summer Fellowship is a summer youth program administered by RADD3 in partnership with Gameheads and East Bay College Fund to expose and introduce youth to game development and the game industry.

Select youth participating in the Fellowship are taught how to design and develop games and learn skills across a variety of game development disciplines such as art, design, animation and coding. More importantly, students design amateur video games at a local video game company with industry professionals.

Gameheads Student Showcase 2016

Our first annual Student Showcase on August 27th was a great success with over 130 people in attendance at Impact Hub Oakland. We shared our accomplishments for the year and announced the launch of two new programs – DevOps and Gameheads Middle School. Our brilliant students presented their video game projects that they have been working on for the past year. Attendees got to play their games and meet our future game developers face to face during the demo portion of our event.

Future of Tech Showcase

Once a year, we co-host a Showcase featuring playable builds of our students’ interactive projects. Titled, The Future of Tech Showcase, this year’s event was held at Impact Hub Oakland.

We showcased close to 10 playable video games all produced by young women and students of color from Gameheads and the RADD3 Summer Fellowship. 

Stiikx Gaming Tournament

The Stiikx Gaming Tournaments were conceived of and are organized and facilitated by our students through their licensed businesses, Stiikx Gaming and UPBeat OKG. During these tournaments, students invite their friends and family to compete in the industries hottest games or just watch, mingle and free play at the other stations. The tournaments are sponsored by Gameheads, and our partners, United Roots and TekPerfect.

Industry Professional Experience

One of the biggest barriers to program involvement for our students are money for transportation, food and personal expenses. We try to offset this by providing paid contract work using the skills they develop through our program (web design, mobile app design, film and photography work, etc.). In addition, our youth receive job experience working on tech related projects. Please, contact us below if you have any inquiries.